Work Life Balance

wellNL holds an NCFE Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

・Reduce the number of employee sick days per year

・Better employee morale

・Build staff loyalty as your company is committed to

      employees’ mental and physical wellbeing

・Improve staff recruitment

・As part of an employee incentive program

・Have employees who are more relaxed, focused

      and productive

・Provide a cost effective and professional service

・When creating employee wellbeing or stress

      management programs

・Be healthier as they are less stressed

・Be able to cope better in stress or crisis situations

・Be more productive, focused

・Have better morale and a more positive attitude

Stress in the workplace is a growing problem so WellNL has a number of programs to help out. Each program can be used on it’s own or combined with other programs as part of a company stress management or company wellbeing program.

The Stress Management Workshop provides practical methods to help your workforce manage their stress whist “on the go” as well as providing longer term stress management solutions. The workshop provides information and hands on stress management techniques.

Stress Management for Managers provides one-on-one stress techniques specifically geared to the needs and requirements of mangers.

Stress Counselling services are available to help individual employees recognise what stresses them the most in the workplace, help build effective and realistic strategies to better manage their stress, and follow up sessions designed to promote a ‘continuous improvement cycle”.

Chair Massage is an ideal way to help de-stress and re-energise your workforce. Chair massages usually last between 20-45 minutes, so are ideal before the start of the workday, at lunch time or after the workday. Chair massage is also great for use at conferences or seminars.

wellNL qualified in massage therapy through CIBTAC.

Stress related illness in The Netherlands accounts for 31% of workplace sick leave with 12% of employees suffering work related burnout1.

WellNL has a number of programs to help out. including stress management workshops for staff and managers, workplace stress counselling and our premier chair massage service delivered directly to your workplace.

1 Source: Nederlands CBS/TNO 2014

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