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wellNL During the Corona Crisis

Sunday, 17 May 2020 10:45

Since 11th May 2020 contact professions have been allowed to open again as a result of the softening of the Dutch Goverment’s rules regarding the COVID-19 Corona virus.

As such, it is now possible for businesses that rely on physical contact with customers, such as wellNL, to open on an appointment basis. 

Although the softening of the rules is undoubtedly good news, my primary concern is to the saftety and wellbeing of all of my customers and also to my own safety and wellbeing and that of my family and friends. In this respect I have the following guidelines that I will be working under until there is any change in Government policy.

  1. If you have any cold, flu or fever like symptoms, please do not book an appointment until at least two weeks after your symptons have gone.
  2. If you have already booked an appointment and start to display cold, flu or fever like symptons, please contact me to cancel the appointment.