Chair Massage at wellNL

There are many benefits from chair massage:

Improves employee morale

Boosts energy and mood

Increases resistance to illness by boosting the immune system

Reduces emotional stress, especially in those who are highly stressed

Helps you become more relaxed and so more productive

Helps reduce stress and tension so you are more focused

Eases out backache, neck ache and muscular tension

Helps with tension headache and migraine

May help in reducing RSI

Stress related illness in The Netherlands accounts for 31% of workplace sick leave with 12% of employees suffering work related burnout1. Chair massage may help reduce employee sick days, reduce stress in the workplace, improve productivity and staff morale.

A 20-40 minute chair massage is the perfect way to relax and ease out head, neck and back tension when you are time pressured. With chair massage you get relief from ailments such as RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and chronic muscle tightness - problems that affect employees who sit or use a computer for long periods.

1 Source: Nederlands CBS/TNO 2014

wellNL qualified in massage therapy through CIBTAC.

wellNL holds an NCFE Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

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Chair Massage Reduces Stress