Stress Counselling
Stress Counselling

Stress counselling in the workplace is the ideal way to help your workers directly deal with their stress. The program offers:

One on one sessions to give employees the ability to talk about their work related stress issues with freedom and in confidence;

The first hour long session identifies the employees key areas of stress;

The second session produces an action plan with stress reduction strategies;

The third session follows up on progress, setbacks and acceptance training.

Additional counselling and follow-up sessions are available after the

initial program.

For the organisation using the stress counselling service, a high level report can be made available. This report will:

Identify the areas of organisation that produce most stress

Outline where action can realistically and effectively be taken in high stress areas

Offer strategies for on-going stress prevention maintenance.

wellNL holds an NCFE Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Stress Counselling